VPN providers

Since setting up a server at home is an uncommon practice, most Internet connections provided to individuals are unsuitable for this purpose especially if you desire to send mail. A net neutral VPN providing a dedicated fixed public IPv4 address and IPv6 addresses can help to circumvent some limitations or difficulties.

Below, you can find a list of providers compatible for self-hosting and especially those providing .cube format for VPNClient apps and those providing internetcube.

By compatible for self-hosting we means VPN offers with at least:

  • a fixed dedicated public IPv4
  • port forwarding or opened features
  • net neutrality: no traffic analysis, no user data resale, no alteration of traffic (without legal obligations)...

VPN provider VPNClient compatibility IPv6 rDNS IPv4 rDNS IPv6 Price Membership Net Neutrality
Neutrinet ✔ (.cube + internetcube) ? ~8 €¹ / month included FFDN Non Profit

¹ Pay what you want

If you try an other VPN provider that include public dedicated ipv4 and port forwarding, feel free to contribute to this documentation. We need people to test specific offers of those commercial providers:

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