Moving an app folder to a different storage

Applications folder are (usually) located in /var/www/$appname

If an application folder is expected to get bigger because of the amount of data it contains, it might be relevant to move it to another storage (like an external hard drive).

Here's a summary of how to do this the application wordpress. Here, is is assumed that you already mounted the external hard-drive.

1. Move the entire wordpress folder to an external hard drive

mv /var/www/wordpress /media/externalharddrive/

So that programs looking for files in /var/www/wordpress will actually take them from the harddrive

ln -s /media/externalharddrive/wordpress /var/www/wordpress

3. Tweak permissions (maybe?)

After this, note that you may need to tweak the permissions of /media/externalharddrive so that www-data (or the user corresponding to the app) is able to read through the folder... Something like :

chgrp www-data /media/externalharddrive
chmod g+rx /media/externalharddrive

(but it depends on your exact setup... Please update this doc page if you figure out what to do exactly)

If you want to do it with NextCloud, see this Tutorial.

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