Application catalog

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The application packaging team will welcome your feedback! If you install an app and find issues or possible improvements, do not hesitate to contribute by reporting your issues directly on the corresponding code repositories.

Applications flagged as low quality may be working, but they may not respect good packaging practices or lack integration of some features like backup/restore or single authentication. Be cautious when installing them.

13ft reading low quality
Bypass paywall by acting as GoogleBot
20 euros games
2048 variant with Euro coins and notes
243 games
2048 game clone
2FAuth system_tools
self-hosted alternative to One Time Passcode
Abantecart publishing
Open source ecommerce platform to power online retail
Acropolis social_media
Dynamic fork of diaspora*'s federated social network
Actual productivity_and_management
Local-first personal finance tool
AdGuard Home system_tools
Network-wide ads & trackers blocking DNS server
Adminer system_tools
Database management tool
æneria iot
Dashboard to analyse your energy consumption data from Linky & weather
AgenDAV synchronization
CalDAV web client
Agora wat
Free software for collaboration and creation of digital space
Airsonic-Advanced multimedia
Stream and manage your music collection
Akkoma social_media broken
Federated social networking server built on ActivityPub open protocol
AllTube multimedia
Web interface for Youtube-dl
Ampache multimedia
Web based audio/video streaming application
Anarchism wat
Exhaustive exploration of Anarchist theory and practice
ArchiveBox small_utilities
Archiving solution to collect, save, and view sites you want to preserve offline
Archivist system_tools broken
Automatic backups
Armadietto small_utilities
RemoteStorage server running as a nodejs web service with systemd
Audiobookshelf multimedia
Audiobook server for managing and playing your audiobooks
Autobrr multimedia
Modern, easy to use download automation for torrents and usenet
Automad publishing
Flat-file content management system and template engine
Backdrop publishing
Easy-to-use CMS for building professional websites
Baïkal synchronization
Lightweight CalDAV and CardDAV server
Bazarr multimedia
Automated subtitle downloading for Sonarr and Radarr
Beehive iot
Flexible event/agent & automation system
Biboumi communication
XMPP gateway for the IRC network
BicBucStriim reading broken
Digital books streamer, providing web-based access to your e-book collection
BlogoText publishing
Lightweight Blog-Engine
Bludit publishing
Simple, Fast, Secure, Flat-File CMS
BookStack publishing
Platform to create documentation/wiki content
BookWyrm social_media
Platform for social reading
Borg Backup system_tools
Backup your server on a host server using Borg
Borg Server system_tools
Offer backup storage to a friend.
BoZoN synchronization
Minimalist Drag & drop file sharing app
Cors Proxy small_utilities
An advanced https proxy allowing you to call other websites from your own web application.
Cachet system_tools
Open source status page system
Calckey social_media
Fork of Misskey with better UI/UX, security, features
Calibre-web reading
Browsing, reading and downloading eBooks using a Calibre database
Castopod multimedia
Hosting platform made for podcasters
Cesium wat
Duniter client to manage wallets, certifications in a libre money
chatGPT-web small_utilities
ChatGPT web interface using the OpenAI API
Cheky small_utilities
Monitors French classifieds websites LeBonCoin and SeLoger
Chitchatter communication
Peer-to-peer chat that is serverless, decentralized, and ephemeral
ChtickyNotes office
Generic sticky notes for all purpose
ChuWiki publishing
Simple, fast and flexible wiki
Cinny communication
Matrix client focusing primarily on simple, elegant and secure interface
CiviCRM on Drupal 7 productivity_and_management
CRM for non-profits, NGOs and advocacy organizations
CloudLog small_utilities
Web based amateur radio logging application
Cockpit system_tools
Sysadmin login session in a web browser
code-server dev
Run VS Code on your server and access it in the browser
CodiMD office
Collaborative editor to work on notes written in Markdown
Coin productivity_and_management
Member dashboard for non profit isp.
Collabora Online office
LibreOffice-based online office suite with collaborative editing
Commento publishing
Fast, privacy-focused commenting platform
Le compteur du GASE office
Kitty and stock management software for a GASE (Grocery Service Purchasing Group).
Concrete5 publishing
Open Source Content Management System for Teams
Conduit communication
Simple, fast and reliable chat server powered by Matrix
Converse communication
Web-based XMPP/Jabber chat client
COPS reading
Calibre OPDS (and HTML) PHP Server
Coturn system_tools
VoIP media traffic NAT traversal server and gateway
CouchDB system_tools
Open-source document-oriented NoSQL database
Cowyo publishing
Feature-rich wiki webserver for minimalists
CryptPad office
Zero Knowledge realtime collaborative office suite
Cubiks 2048 games
2048 game clone in 3D
Cultivons small_utilities
Sustainable Autonomous Base Manager
CyberChef small_utilities
Cyber Swiss Army Knife - toolbox for data analysis
Cypht communication
Lightweight Open Source webmail
Dato productivity_and_management
Store all kinds of data with an extremely customizable interface.
Deluge multimedia
Lightweight BitTorrent client
Dendrite communication
Matrix homeserver of second generation
Dex system_tools
OpenID Connect Provider based on YunoHost LDAP server office
Diagram software for making flowcharts, process diagrams, org charts
Diaspora social_media
Distributed social networking service
Digiscreen wat
An interactive wallpaper for the classroom, face-to-face or distant
Digisteps publishing
Create simple online educational pathes
Digitools small_utilities
Simple and useful tools for the classroom.
Digitranscode small_utilities
an online app that can convert audio files and video files into different formats.
Digiwords small_utilities
With Digiwords, you can create interactive wordclouds.
Directory Lister small_utilities
Expose the contents of any web-accessible folder for browsing and sharing
Discourse communication
Discussion platform
Dispatch communication
Web-based IRC graphical client
Distbin small_utilities
Distributed pastebin with ActivityPub.
django-fmd iot
Web based FritzBox management using Python/Django.
django-for-runners small_utilities
Store your GPX tracks of your running (or other sports activity)
django-fritzconnection system_tools
Web based FritzBox management using Python/Django.
Django Example dev
Demo YunoHost Application to demonstrate the integration of a Django project under YunoHost.
Documize publishing
Modern Confluence alternative designed for internal & external docs
Dokuwiki publishing
Lightweight, simple to use and highly versatile wiki
Dolibarr productivity_and_management
Manage the various aspects of your business or association
Domoticz iot
Home automation system that lets you monitor and configure miscellaneous devices
Dont-code Services dev
Install services and databases needed to support Dont-code platform
DotClear 2 publishing
Blog publishing application
Droppy synchronization
File storage server
Drupal publishing
Content management framework
Drupal 7 publishing
Old version of a content management framework written in PHP
Duniter wat
Crypto-currency software to operate Ğ1 libre currency
Easy!Appointments productivity_and_management
Open Source Appointment Scheduler
eLabFTW productivity_and_management
Open source electronic lab notebook for research labs
ElasticSearch 7 dev
Distributed and RESTful search engine
ElasticSearch 8 dev
Distributed and RESTful search engine.
Element communication
Web client for Matrix
Eleventy publishing low quality
Simpler site generator. Transforms a directory of templates (of varying types) into HTML
EmailPoubelle small_utilities
Create throwable email address redirected to your real one
Emoncms iot
Processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data
Encryptic office
Open-source note-taking application heavily focused on encryption
Encryptor-Decryptor small_utilities
Encrypts and decrypts any file using PGP
enDI productivity_and_management broken
Comptability software for CAE companies (french Communauté d'Activité et d'Emploi)
Epicyon social_media
Federated social network server
Ergo communication
Modern IRC server (daemon/ircd)
EtherCalc office
Real-time collaborative spreadsheet editor
Etherpad office low quality
Online editor providing collaborative editing in real-time
Etherpad MyPads office
Online editor providing collaborative editing in real-time
Excalidraw office
Virtual whiteboard for sketching hand-drawn like diagrams
Fab-manager office
Fab Lab management solution.
Facette system_tools
Time series data visualization
Facilmap productivity_and_management
Collaborative maps and routing with a straightforward interface
Firefox Sync Server synchronization
Mozilla’s Sync-Server to host your Firefox account data
Fider communication low quality
Open platform to collect and prioritize feedback
Filebrowser small_utilities
Web File Browser
FilePizza synchronization
Peer-to-peer file transfers in your browser
Firefish social_media
Fork of Misskey with better UI/UX, security, features
Firefly III productivity_and_management
Self-hosted financial manager
Firefly III Importer productivity_and_management
Firefly III Data Importer
FitTrackee social_media
Self-hosted outdoor activity tracker 🚴
Flarum communication
Next-generation forum made simple
Flood multimedia
Monitoring service for various torrent clients
FluxBB communication
Fast, light, user-friendly forum software
Focalboard productivity_and_management
Kanban project management software
Forgejo dev
Lightweight software forge
Framaforms productivity_and_management
Create online webforms and surveys
Framagames games
Set of games Framagames from Framasoft
FreshRSS reading
RSS aggregator with a nice and mobile-friendly design
Friendica social_media
Decentralized Social Network
Funkwhale multimedia
Convivial and modern music server
Galène communication
Videoconferencing server that is easy to deploy
Galette productivity_and_management
Membership management web application for non profit organizations
Gamja communication
Simple IRC web client
Garage system_tools
S3 storage
Garradin productivity_and_management
Software to manage association
Gemserv communication
A gemini server written in rust.
GetSimple publishing
Flatfile CMS that works fast and efficient
Ghost publishing
Publishing, memberships, subscriptions and newsletters platform
Gitea dev
Lightweight Git forge
GitLab dev
Git-repository manager providing wiki, issue-tracking and CI/CD pipeline features
GitLab Runner dev
Continuous integration tool to use with a GitLab instance (YNH or not).
GitList dev
Elegant and modern git repository viewer
Glitch-Soc social_media
Libre and federated social network, fork of Mastodon
Glowing Bear communication
Web client for WeeChat
GLPI productivity_and_management
IT Asset Management
Gogs dev
Lightweight self-hosted Git forge
Gossa small_utilities
Fast and simple webserver for your files
Gotify dev
Simple server for sending and receiving messages
GoToSocial social_media
ActivityPub social network server
Grafana system_tools
Metric & analytic dashboards for monitoring
Grammalecte server office
Grammar and typography checker for French and Occitan (API)
Grav publishing
Modern open source flat-file CMS
Grocy small_utilities
Web-based groceries & household management solution for your home
Grr productivity_and_management
Tool for booking meeting rooms or other resources
Guacamole system_tools
Clientless remote desktop gateway. It supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP, and SSH
h5ai small_utilities
Modern HTTP web server index for NGINX
Halcyon social_media
Webclient for Mastodon and Pleroma
Haste small_utilities
Open-source pastebin allowing to upload texts small_utilities
Encrypt and Decrypt files securely in your browser
Headphones multimedia
Automated music downloader for NZB and Torrent
Headscale system_tools
Open-source implementation of the Tailscale control server, a WireGuard-based VPN
HedgeDoc office
Collaborative editor to work on notes written in Markdown
Hello World dev
A dummy basic app to illustrate YunoHost's app packaging.
Hextris games
Fast paced puzzle game
Homarr system_tools
Customizable browser's home page to interact with your homeserver's Docker containers
Home Assistant iot
Home automation platform
Horde communication low quality
Groupware (webmail, adressbook, calendar)
Wifi Hotspot system_tools
Create and manager wifi networks, share Internet access and use YunoHost apps accross wifi
Hubzilla social_media
Decentralized publication platform and social network
Huginn small_utilities
Build agents that monitor and act on your behalf. Your agents are standing by!
HumHub productivity_and_management
Enterprise Social Network
Hydrogen communication
Web client for Matrix
ICEcoder dev broken
Code editor awesomeness... in your browser
ifconfig-io small_utilities
IP API service to get their public IP address.
IFM small_utilities
Improved File Manager
I Hate Money productivity_and_management
Simple app to manage your collective expenses
Indexhibit publishing
Archetypal portfolio CMS for everybody
InfluxDB v2 system_tools
Time-series database for storing, querying, and visualizing real-time data efficiently.
Invidious social_media
Alternative front-end to YouTube
InvoiceNinja productivity_and_management
Create and email invoices, track payments and expenses
InvoiceNinja 5 productivity_and_management
Create and email invoices, track payments, expenses, and time tasks
Isso publishing
Lightweight commenting server
Jackett multimedia low quality
API support for your favorite torrent trackers
Jappix communication
A free social network
Jeedom iot
Home automation application
Jellyfin multimedia
Media System that manage and stream your media
Jellyfin Vue Client multimedia low quality
A modern web client for Jellyfin based on Vue.
Jellyseerr multimedia
Media request management and discovery tool for Jellyfin, Radarr, and Sonarr
Jenkins dev
Extendable continuous integration server
Jirafeau synchronization
Upload a file in a simple way and give a unique link to it
Jitsi Meet communication
Video conferencing web application
Joomla publishing
Content management system
JupyterLab dev
Code console environment for running Python code interactively
Kanboard productivity_and_management
Kanban project management software
Kavita reading
Media server for your comics, manga and books
Keeweb synchronization
Password manager compatible with KeePass
Kimai2 productivity_and_management low quality
Multi-user application for time-tracking with support for mobile devices
KiwiIRC communication
Versatile web based messenger using IRC
Kiwix small_utilities
Sharing Web content with people without Internet access
Koel multimedia broken
A simple web-based personal audio streaming service.
Komga reading
Media server for your comics, manga and magazines
Kresus productivity_and_management
Personal finance manager
LanguageTool server office
Multilingual grammar, style, and spell checker (API)
Laverna office
Taking note application with Markdown editor and encryption support
Leantime productivity_and_management
Project management system for startups and innovators
Leed reading
Minimalistic RSS feed aggregator which allows quick and non-intrusive reading of feeds
Lemmy social_media
Link aggregator/Reddit clone for the fediverse
Librarian social_media
Alternative frontend for LBRY/Odysee
Libreddit social_media
Libre alternative to Reddit
LibreERP productivity_and_management
Suite of business apps (ERP: CRM, Accounting, Point of Sale, HR, Purchases...).
Libremdb social_media
Free & open source IMDb front-end
LibreSpeed system_tools
Very lightweight Speedtest.
Libreto publishing
Aggregate your pads to create a wiki
LibreTranslate small_utilities
Open Source Machine Translation API
LibreX small_utilities
Meta search engine for Google and popular torrent sites
Lidarr multimedia
Music collection manager for Usenet and BitTorrent users
LimeSurvey productivity_and_management
Create and distribute surveys
Lingva Translate small_utilities
Alternative front-end for Google Translate
LinkStack publishing
Highly customizable link sharing platform with an intuitive
Linux-Dash system_tools
A drop-in, low-overhead monitoring web dashboard for GNU/linux machine.
Lionwiki publishing
Lightweight wiki-style CMS using the txt2tags syntax
Listmonk communication
Newsletter and mailing list manager
Loki + Promtail system_tools
Grafana Loki is a set of components that can be composed into a fully featured logging stack.
Lstu small_utilities
URL Shortener
Luckysheet office
Online spreadsheet that is powerful, simple to configure
Lufi synchronization
Files and sharing anonymous application
Lutim multimedia
Anonymous image hosting service
LXD system_tools
Offers a user experience similar to virtual machines but using Linux containers instead.
LXD Dashboard system_tools
Makes it easy for you to take control of your LXD based infrastructure
Lychee multimedia
Photo-management-system to manage and share photos
Mailman3 communication
Electronic mailing lists manager
Mantis productivity_and_management
Bug tracking system
Mastodon social_media
Libre and federated social network
Matomo publishing
Analytics platform for measuring Web statistics
Matrix IRC Bridge communication broken
Matrix bridge for IRC
Matrix-Discord bridge communication
Discord puppeting bridge for Matrix/Synapse.
Matterbridge communication
Multi-protocols bridge for online communications
Mattermost communication
Open source collaboration platform built for developers
Mautic productivity_and_management
Marketing Automation Software
Matrix-Facebook bridge communication
Facebook puppeting bridge for Matrix/Synapse.
Matrix Signal bridge communication
Matrix / Synapse puppeting bridge for Signal
Matrix-Telegram bridge communication
Telegram puppeting bridge for Matrix/Synapse
Matrix-WhatsApp bridge communication
Matrix / Synapse puppeting bridge for WhatsApp
MediaWiki publishing
Wiki package originally for use on Wikipedia
MeiliSearch dev
Lightning Fast, Ultra Relevant, and Typo-Tolerant Search Engine
Metabase system_tools
Web database management tool
Minchat communication
Minimalist web chat
Mindmaps office
Tool for making mind maps
Minetest games
Free, open source voxel game engine and game. Need a client to connect to the server.
MineWeb publishing
Customizable and intuitive CMS
MiniDLNA multimedia
Light DLNA server to share media files over the LAN
Miniflux reading
Minimalist and opinionated RSS feed reader
MinIO server dev
High Performance, Kubernetes Native Object Storage
Misskey social_media
Microblogging platform
Mobilizon social_media
Decentralized and federated platform to organize events
Moncycle small_utilities
Menstrual cycle follow-up for natural family planning
Mongo Express system_tools
An admin server for Mongo and optionally a Mongo database
Monica wat
Personal Relationship Manager
Monitorix system_tools
A monitoring tools
Moodle wat
Online learning platform
Mopidy multimedia broken
Play music, podcasts and radio programs from local disk and various streaming services
Mosquitto iot
Interconnect your objects and applications with an open source MQTT broker
Movim social_media
Web-based cross-platform XMPP client
mStream multimedia
Music streaming server
Mumble Web communication
Web interface for voice chat software (VoIP)
Mumble Server communication
Low-latency, high quality voice chat software (VoIP)
My Mind office
Online Mindmapping Software
my_capsule publishing broken
Custom Gemini capsule with SFTP access and HtmGem to make your Gemini pages reachable on the web
My Webapp publishing
Custom Web app with SFTP access to serve static (HTML, CSS, JS) and PHP files
MyBB communication
Forum software
mygpo ( multimedia
Manage podcast subscriptions, and sync them between apps and devices
myTinyTodo productivity_and_management
Open source to-do list script
n8n iot
Workflow Automation Tool. Easily automate tasks across different services
Navidrome multimedia
Modern Music Server and Streamer compatible with Subsonic/Airsonic
NetData system_tools
Real-time performance and health monitoring
Neutrinet wat
Auto renewal for the Neutrinet vpn-certificates
Nextcloud synchronization
Online storage, file sharing platform and various other applications
Nitter social_media
Alternative front-end for Twitter that respects your privacy
Noalyss productivity_and_management
Accounting free software (Belgian and French accounting)
NocoDB dev
No-code platform that turns any database into a smart spreadsheet
NodeBB communication
Forum software built for the modern web
Node-RED iot
Flow-based programming for the Internet of Things
Nomad dev
Simple and flexible workload orchestrator
Nonbiri reading
Self-hosted back-end and front-end for MangaDex
ntfy dev
Open Source Push Notification Server
Nullboard productivity_and_management
Minimalist kanban board, focused on compactness and readability
OFBiz productivity_and_management
Apache-OFBiz ERP
Omeka S publishing
Web publication system for universities, galleries, libraries, archives, and museums
OnlyOffice office
Create and edit documents collaboratively
OpenNote office
Web based text editor/note taking software
OpenProject productivity_and_management
Web-based project management software
OpenSearch dev
Open source distributed and RESTful search engine
OpenSondage productivity_and_management
Service for planning an appointment or making a decision quickly and easily
OpenTracker wat
Bittorrent tracker
Osada social_media
Decentralized publication platform and social network
OSjs wat
Desktop you have accesss through your browser
osTicket productivity_and_management
Open source support ticket system
Outline publishing
Wiki and knowledge base for teams
Overleaf office
Open-source online real-time collaborative LaTeX editor.
Owncast multimedia
Self-hosted live video and web chat server for use with existing broadcasting software
ownCloud synchronization
Online storage, file sharing platform and various other applications
OwnTracks small_utilities
Keep track of your location history
Pagure dev broken
A git-centered forge, python based using pygit2.
Paheko productivity_and_management
Software to manage association
Paperless-ngx synchronization
Scan, index and archive all your physical documents
PeerTube social_media
Federated video streaming platform using P2P directly in the web browser
PeerTube search-index social_media
Search engine for PeerTube videos and channels
PeerTube Remote Runner social_media broken
Remote runner to offload high CPU/long job (such as transcoding) from Peertube main server
Pelican publishing
Static Site Generator
Pepettes publishing
A simple donation form with stripe
PetitesAnnonces publishing
Make your own classified advertising website easily
Petrolette reading
The news reader that doesn't know you
pgAdmin4 system_tools
Manage PostgreSQL databases over the web
Photoprism multimedia
AI-Powered Photos App for the Decentralized Web
Photoview multimedia
Simple and user-friendly photo gallery that's made for photographers
phpBB communication
Forum software that is easy to use, powerful, and highly customisable
PHPBoost publishing
French and free content management system (CMS)
Phpinfo system_tools
Simple phpinfo
phpIPAM wat
Web IP address management application
phpLDAPadmin system_tools
Manage OpenLDAP database over the web
PHPLicenseWatcher system_tools
License manager
phpMyAdmin system_tools
Manage MySQL databases over the web
PHP Server Monitor system_tools
Script that checks whether your websites and servers are up and running
PhpSysInfo system_tools
Customizable PHP script that displays information about your system nicely
Pico publishing
Stupidly simple, blazing fast, flat file CMS
Pi-hole system_tools
Network-wide ad blocking via your own DNS server
Piwigo multimedia
Open source photo gallery for the web
Pixelfed social_media
ActivityPub Federated Image Sharing
Plainpad office
Note taking application
Plateau office
Helps designers organize and document participatory workshops
Pleroma social_media
Federated social networking server built on open protocols
Plume social_media
Federated blogging application
PluXml publishing
Blog or CMS storing data in XML flat files.
PmWiki publishing
Wiki-based CMS for collaborative creation and maintenance of websites
Prestashop publishing
Create a E-commerce Website
PrettyNoemie CMS publishing
Ergonomic, simple and elegant CMS to build in no time landpage websites with modern design
PrivateBin small_utilities
Minimalist pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data
ProcessWire publishing
Friendly and powerful open source CMS with a strong API
Prometheus system_tools
Monitoring system and time series database
Prosody communication
a modern XMPP communication server
Prowlarr multimedia
Complete management of your indexers for Radarr, Sonarr, Lidarr...
PsiTransfer synchronization
Simple file sharing solution
PufferPanel games low quality
Web-based Game Server Management System.
Pydio synchronization
File sharing platform
PyInventory productivity_and_management
Web based management to catalog things including state and location etc.
pyLoad wat
Download Manager written in pure Python.
Pytition publishing
Host privacy-friendly online petitions
qBittorrent multimedia
Bittorrent client that aims to be a good alternative to all other bittorrent clients.
LibreQR small_utilities
Web interface for generating QR codes
Question2Answer communication low quality
Platform for Question&Answer sites.
Quizzes productivity_and_management
Multiple choice quiz platform with results analysis interface
Radarr multimedia
Movie collection manager for Usenet and BitTorrent users
Rainloop communication
Lightweight multi-account webmail
Redirect publishing
Create a redirection or a proxy to another path
Redmine productivity_and_management
Flexible project management web application
Restic system_tools
Backup your server with Restic
Retroarch Web Player games
Emulate videogames system and play videogames through your web browser
Reverse Proxy system_tools
Create a reverse proxy to a socket/port, optionally serve static files from folder
Rocket.Chat communication
Team collaboration communication platform
Roundcube communication
Open Source Webmail software
Rspamd Web UI small_utilities low quality
Simple control interface for rspamd spam filtering system
RSS-Bridge reading
RSS and Atom feed generator for websites that don't have one
Samba system_tools
Share directories on your private network thanks to SMB protocol
Satdress productivity_and_management
Federated Lightning addresses server
Scovie publishing
Digital signage system for high schools
Scratch dev
Programming language to create your own interactive stories, games, and animations
Scrumblr small_utilities
Software for post-it notes
Scrutiny system_tools
WebUI for smartd S.M.A.R.T monitoring
Seafile synchronization broken
Open Source Cloud Storage
Searx small_utilities
Privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine
SearXNG small_utilities
A free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services. Users are neither tracked nor profiled
Selfoss reading
Multipurpose RSS reader
Send synchronization
File sharing which allows to send encrypted files
Shaarli publishing
The personal, minimalist, super-fast, no-database delicious clone
Shell In A Box system_tools
Web based AJAX terminal emulator
Shiori small_utilities
Simple bookmark manager
Shlink small_utilities
Self-hosted URL shortener
Shuri small_utilities
Simple URL Shortener
Signaturepdf small_utilities
Sign, stamp, and reorganize PDF files
Simple-Hash-Generator small_utilities
Simple hash generator utilizing a collection of popular and useful hash functions
Simple Torrent multimedia
Self-hosted remote torrent client
SimpleX communication
Messaging platform operating without user identifiers
Simply Translate small_utilities
Web interface for many translation engine: DeepL, Reverso, ICIBA, Google Translate, and LibreTranslate.
Sitemagic CMS publishing
Content Management System
Slingcode dev
Browser based code editor in a single HTML file
SnappyMail communication
Simple, modern, lightweight & fast web-based e-mail client
Snipe-IT productivity_and_management
Manage assets for IT operations
Standard Notes Server office
The Standard Notes syncing server. An end-to-end encrypted note-taking app.
Standard Notes office
End-to-end encrypted note-taking app
Soapbox social_media
Alternative frontend for Pleroma
SOGo communication
Opensource groupware for E-Mail, Contacts and Calender
Sonarr multimedia
A series collection manager for Usenet and BitTorrent users
Spacedeck office
A web based, real time, collaborative whiteboard application with rich media support
SPFtoolbox system_tools
Look up DNS records such as SPF, MX, Whois
SPIP publishing
CMS with a focus on collaborative edition and multilingualism
squid3 small_utilities
Caching proxy for the Web supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and more.
Scuttlebutt Room communication
Secure Scuttlebutt room server
ssh chroot directory system_tools
SSH chroot directories with quotas disk
Stash social_media
Organizer for your porn videos
statping-ng system_tools
External monitoring tool
Streama multimedia
Self hosted streaming media server
Streams social_media
Open source fediverse server
Strut office
Slide editor for creating impress.js presentations
Sutom games
Wordle-based online word game
SVG-edit office
Web-based SVG drawing editor working on any modern browser.
Synapse communication
Instant messaging server which uses Matrix
Synapse Admin communication
Admin UI for Synapse
Syncthing synchronization
Continuous file synchronization program
Tandoor small_utilities
Application for managing and sharing recipes, planning meals, building shopping lists and much much more!
TaskBoard productivity_and_management
Kanban for keeping track of things that need to get done
Teampass synchronization
Passwords Manager
Technitium DNS system_tools
Block ads & malware at DNS level for your entire network! Self host a DNS server for privacy & security
Teddit social_media
Open source alternative Reddit front-end
The Lounge communication
Web IRC client
TiddlyWiki publishing
Non-linear personal web notebook
Tiki publishing
Wiki-based, content management system
Time Machine system_tools
Application to configure the server as a Time Machine backup target
Timeoff productivity_and_management
Web application for managing employee absences
Tiny File Manager small_utilities
Web based file manager
TLDraw office
Tiny little drawing app
ToolJet productivity_and_management broken
Open-source low-code framework for building React-based web applications and internal tools
Tor relay system_tools
Defend Your Privacy! How To Create Your Own Tor Relay!
Tracim office
Collaborative platform intended for team collaboration
Traggo productivity_and_management
Self-hosted tag-based time tracking synchronization
Easy and fast file sharing from the command-line
Transmission multimedia
Fast, Easy, and Free BitTorrent Client
Trilium Notes office
Hierarchical note taking application with focus on building large personal knowledge base
TrustyHash small_utilities
SHA-256 Hash Calculator
Tiny Tiny RSS reading
News feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator
Tube multimedia
Youtube-like, video Sharing App
Turtl publishing
Share notes, bookmarks, and documents for sensitive projects
Tvheadend multimedia
TV streaming server and recorder
Tyto productivity_and_management
Simple, minimal electronic post-it board
ulogger small_utilities
Real-time collection of geolocation data, tracks viewing and management
Umami publishing
Simple, fast, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics
Universal Media Server multimedia
A DLNA, UPnP and HTTP(S) Media Server
Unattended-upgrades system_tools
Daily automatic upgrades
Uptime Kuma system_tools
Monitoring tool like Uptime-Robot
Vaultwarden synchronization
Manage passwords and other sensitive informations
Vikunja productivity_and_management
Self-hosted To-Do list application
Vore reading
Simple, multi-tenant feed reader
VPN Client system_tools
Tunnel the internet traffic through a VPN
Wallabag reading
A self hostable read-it-later app
Weblate dev
Translation platform using Git and Python
Webmin system_tools
Web-based interface for system administration for Unix
Webtrees wat
Web-based genealogy application
Wekan productivity_and_management
Trello-like kanban
WemaWema wat
"WE MAKE PORN" meme generator but it can do more
Wetty system_tools
Terminal in browser over http/https. (Ajaxterm/Anyterm alternative, but much better)
Whitebophir office
Open source vector collaborative board
Wiki.js publishing
Open source powerful wiki app built on Node.js, Git and Markdown
WireGuard system_tools
Fast and modern VPN server, including a configuration webapp
WireGuard Client system_tools
Connect your server to VPNs as a client
Wondercms publishing
Fast and small flat file CMS
WordPress publishing
Create a beautiful blog or website easily
WriteFreely social_media
For starting a minimalist, federated blog or an entire community.
x-prober system_tools
A probe program for PHP environment
XBackBone synchronization
Lightweight file manager with full ShareX support
YaCy small_utilities
Free and decentralized search engine
Yellow publishing
Content management system (CMS) for simple website
YesWiki publishing
Wiki that is quick and easy to use
Yourls small_utilities
URL shortening service
YunoMonitor system_tools
Home made tool to monitor automatically your servers
Z-Push synchronization low quality
ActiveSync frontend that helps you synchronize emails, calendar and contacts
Zabbix system_tools
Monitoring tool for diverse IT components, including networks, servers, VMs and cloud services
Zap social_media
Ethical fediverse server alternative
Zerobin small_utilities
Minimalist pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data
ZeroNet wat
Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network
ZeroTier system_tools
A peer-to-peer VPN system
ZeroUI system_tools
A web user interface for a ZeroTier network controller
Zerotier UI system_tools
ZeroTier network controller user interface
Zusam communication
Truly private space for you and your friends
Zwave-JS-UI iot
Full featured Z-Wave Control Panel and MQTT Gateway integrated with domoticz
ZwiiCMS publishing
Simple, lightweight, database-free, scalable and responsive CMS

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