Obtaining an API key from OVH

This page is meant to guide you in obtaining an API key from OVH in order to configure YunoHost's automatic DNS configuration mecanism

NB. : DO NOT share your API tokens with anybody! A malicious attacker obtaining your tokens could take over your domain, and possibly your server!

  1. Go to https://eu.api.ovh.com/createToken/

  2. Fill the form with the required informations as shown below:

  • Account ID or email address: This is your usual OVH login
  • Password: This is your usual OVH password
  • Script Name: for example YunoHost Auto DNS
  • Script description: for example YunoHost Auto DNS
  • Validity: Unlimited
  • Rights: use the + button to add the following lines
    • GET : /domain/zone/*
    • POST : /domain/zone/*
    • PUT : /domain/zone/*
    • DELETE : /domain/zone/*

  1. You will obtain three tokens (an application key, a secret application key, and a consumer key) which should be used in YunoHost's configuration

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