Looking for help?

How to ask for help

  • Be courteous: help in the chatrooms or on the forum is given by our users and contributors, all volunteers.
  • Explain the context of your request in a complete but concise way.
  • It is paramount to share the error logs with YunoPaste (green buttons in your webadmin, then share the link to the generated page).
  • Be patient, as your messages might not be seen instantly.
  • Do not ask about your attempted solution but rather your actual problem (see XY problem).
  • Avoid phrases like "server does not want", "the app does not load", or other meaningless sentences.
  • Do not trim error messages, but do not paste a wall of illegible unformatted code either. (Use YunoPaste)
  • Do not ask your question like a poll ("does anyone else succeeded in...?").

Connect to the support chatroom

Please change your username, as we got legions of ynhusers.

Note: this room is available via

  • Matrix (#yunohost:matrix.org using Element)
  • IRC (#yunohost on libera.chat, using kiwiirc)
  • XMPP (support@conference.yunohost.org)

... or ask on the forum!

Please follow the Support section post template. It helps everyone understand the context of your request.

You've found a bug?

Please report bugs on our bugtrackers or contact the developers

Note : you can also connect to the dev and apps chatrooms, see the corresponding page

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