Guide to writing application documentation

Users / Administrators documentation pages

Add a one-click install button (such as and a button on the application integration level.

Classification of available applications by tags (genre, Git, association management, e-mails, etc.).

Some typical and general uses (writing framework)

  • rename the images in the following order:description_application.ext.

General frame application documentation

  1. Logo (dimension 80 pixels high) + level 1 title.
  2. One-click install button, Integration level for each type of processor.
  3. An index at the top of the documentation with cross-references to all the chapters of the documentation.
  4. A general presentation of the application and its function.
  5. A configuration part of the application.
  6. An administration part of the application.
  7. A part on limitations related to YunoHost.
  8. A part on desktop clients (if any). A link to different third-party applications if there are several (possible link to the applications catalgue or a link to the page about desktop applications if official applications are provided.
  9. A part with:
    • the link to the official site
    • the link to the documentation
    • Links to the YunoHost package and issues

Screen for writing documentation pages: here


  1. Document applications.
    1. Document applications at work (marked: work) level 8/7/6.
    2. Translate the documentation page at least into French and English.
    3. Do a PR on the application repository

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