How is used the main domain

Here is a list of situations in which we use the main domain concept:

  • to expose the web portal: currently the web portal is only reachable through the main domain address (could be changed for multi tenant support in future)
  • to define the hostname of the machine: we believe we do this to avoid some sudo errors (may be it's not relvant anymore or could be made in /etc/hosts)
  • to TLS encrypt SMTP and dovecot: so user should define the main domain in their email client to avoid TLS warning
  • To be able to do mail forwarding using the main domain as Sender Rewriting Scheme Domain see:
  • to define default email as (root@ abuse@) but we probably should do it on all parent domain instead
  • to define myhostname in postfix config, used as EHLO and reverseDNS (refering to test it should be a FQDN, so a subdomain)
  • to generate the self-signed Local Authority: having just one allow to upload it in a browser and get an x509 authenticated https connexion.
  • to define default xmpp DNS field: dns field are only set on the main domain by default

Finally we can imagine some apps use the main domain too, see

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