Sponsors and partners

In order to advance and make the project works, in addition to the work of volunteers and donations, YunoHost benefits from the support of sponsors and partners.

Here is a list of YunoHost sponsors, providing infrastructure and services to the project:

  • GITOYEN: association bringing together several companies and associations acting as a provider of hosting infrastructure and Internet access.
  • GLOBENET: activist association, at the service of freedom of expression, offering internet services.
  • LDN-NET : association for the defense of a free, neutral and decentralized Internet whose main means of action is to be an Internet access provider associative and local.
  • NBS System: company specialized in hosting, securing Clouds, outsourcing (Information Systems, SaaS Applications, Web Platforms) and managed services.
  • NLNET: The NLnet Foundation supports organizations and people that contribute to an open information society.
  • TETANEUTRAL-NET: associative Internet access provider currently operating a radio network in Toulouse and its surroundings and a hoster.

Here is a list of YunoHost partners:

  • FFDN: The FDN federation gathers associative Internet Access Providers who recognize themselves in common values: volunteering, solidarity, democratic functioning and non-profit; defense and promotion of net neutrality.
  • Framasoft : popular education association, a group of friends convinced that an emancipatory digital world is possible, convinced that it will happen thanks to concrete actions on the ground and online with you and for you!

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