Help me

Even though YunoHost contributors try to continuously perfect it, YunoHost itself, its packages or this documentation are not free from bugs or flaw. To let us help you, however, you need to follow these guidelines.


Be courteous and patient

Help in the chatrooms or on the forum is given by our users and contributors, all volunteers. You may be in a hurry, you may be exhausted by fruitless trials or overwhelmed by unpleasant emotions... Have a break, have a sip of your preferred soothing beverage, breathe and once you've recovered your composure continue reading. We need you in a good mindset to help you.

Ask in the right place

Support is only available on the forum or our chatrooms.
We are also on Mastodon, but we do not offer help on this platform.

On the forum, make sure you open your request in the proper category, to maximize your chances of receiving appropriate help:

  • Support for issues when setting up or using YunoHost itself;
  • Support apps for issues when setting up or using apps.

To allow us to help you on the forum, you absolutely need to fill in the Support request template, it will be displayed upon message creation.

Explain the context

Your request needs to be stated in a complete but concise way. Explain plainly what you want to achieve and in what manner it is not working for you.
Don't hesitate to provide any information that may be relevant, even things that may seem obvious, as the person(s) who will be trying to help you may need this information.

Show errors and logs

This is absolutely paramount if YunoHost or a command fails. It always explains why, through a single error code or a full wall of seemingly illegible text.

For the latter, YunoHost provides green "Share with YunoPaste" buttons when something fails or in the Services page of the webadmin. Click on it, it will open a new web page, and you can then share its URL.

We recommend that you share these logs in their entirety using the link generated by YunoPaste.
Avoid extracts from the logs, as decisive information may be elsewhere.
Also, avoid copying and pasting them into the forum, as it's unpleasant to go through them like that. Share the YunoPaste link.

YunoPaste button

If your issue is not related to an installation or upgrade process but instead is about an app failing load properly, ideally you can investigate with your browser console (opened with the F12 key): its Network tab can show you HTTP error codes (including the infamous 403, 404, 500...), and its Console can output errors too.

Screenshots are most welcome.


Avoid the infamous XY Problem

In a nutshell, explain the root cause of your issue. You may share your attempted solution, but explaining why you need that potential solution is more important.

Do not be vague

Do not assume we understand what you are talking about, do not take shortcuts, do not rephrase, do not simplify, do not trim the error messages.

Do not write "it does not work", "it does not want", "it does not load", "computer says no".

Explain what is wrong, and how it is displayed onscreen.
There is, for example, an important difference between a completely blank page and a blank page with a minimalistic error code.

Do not beat about the bush

No need to ask if you can ask. It is a support chat/forum, therefore yes, you can ask your question.

Do not ask your question like a poll, as in "Did anyone managed to get app XY working?". If it is not working for you, then explain directly what issue you got, explain the context, share the logs.

Do not be an asshole

Access to the forum or the chatrooms is a courtesy that can be revoked.

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