Apps wishlist

The following list is a compiled wishlist of applications that would be nice-to-have.

You can contribute to this list by adding something you'd like to be packaged, or learn more on how to package applications to create a new package or improve a package draft.

Before adding an app in this wish-list, please check your app is not already available in YunoHost's app catalogue
Name Description Upstream Package draft
2FAuth Manage and Generate 2FA Codes Upstream
10er10 Upstream
AbanteCart Create an e-commerce website Package Draft
Access to Memory (AtoM) Web-based, open source application for standards-based archival description and access in a multilingual, multi-repository environment. Upstream
adhocserver An ad hoc server for the Sony PSP Package Draft
agora Create collaborative and creative digital space Package Draft
Ajenti Upstream
Akaunting Manage payments/invoices/expenses Upstream
Anki Sync Server a personal Anki server Upstream
AnonAddy Anonymous email forwarding - Create Unlimited Email Aliases For Free Upstream
Ansible Matrix Docker Deploy Full Featured Matrix Server Setup with All Bridges and Integrations Upstream
Apache Superset Apache Superset is a Data Visualization and Data Exploration Platform Upstream
askbot Questions and answers Package Draft
Archivematica Mature digital preservation system designed to maintain standards-based, long-term access to collections of digital objects. Upstream
ArchivesSpace Archives information management application for managing and providing Web access to archives, manuscripts and digital objects. Upstream
Astral Organize Your GitHub Stars With Ease Upstream
Azuracast A Simple, Self-Hosted Web Radio Management Suite Upstream
Baserow Open source no-code database tool and Airtable alternative. Upstream
Beeper A unified inbox for 15 chat networks. Upstream
BigBlueButton Web conferencing system Upstream
Bitmessage Upstream
Blynk Upstream
Bolt Content Management Tool Package Draft
BookWyrm Social reading and reviewing, decentralized with ActivityPub Upstream
BTCPay Server Upstream
Cactus Comments Federated comment system, to embed into your webpages, based on the Matrix protocol. Upstream Package Draft
Cagette A marketplace for local farmers and producers Upstream
Calendso Volunteer shift management and meeting scheduling Upstream
Caliopen A unified inteface for all your private communications Package Draft
Chaskiq A full featured Live Chat, Support & Marketing platform, alternative to Intercom, Drift, Crisp Upstream Self-hosted open source change monitoring of web pages Upstream
CheckUp Upstream
Citadel-suite Groupware platform
CKAN A tool for making open data websites Upstream
CloudTube CloudTube front-end for YouTube Upstream
Cockpit Package Draft
coin Member dashboard for non profit ISP Upstream Package Draft
Commafeed Upstream
Conduit Conduit is a lightweight open-source server implementation of the Matrix Specification with a focus on easy setup and low system requirements. Upstream
cops Calibre OPDS Package Draft
Coquelicot A “one-click” file sharing web application Package Draft
Croodle Vote for a schedule / polling Upstream
CyberChef - The Cyber Swiss Army Knife a web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysis Upstream End-to-end encrypted instant web chat Upstream
Dataverse Open source research data repository software Upstream
DavMail Gateway from OWA and O365 to IMAP, POP, and CalDav for email and calendars Upstream
democracyOS Vote / make decisions in a collective Package Draft
diasporadocker A open and powerfull social network Package Draft
DirectoryLister Upstream
Django_app Skeleton for django apps Package Draft
Docker_container Deploy applications with Docker Package Draft
Docker_rstudio A web development environment for statistics with R Package Draft
Docker-registry Upstream Package Draft
DockerUI Deploy applications with Docker Package Draft
Docspell Simple document organizer Upstream
DomainMOD Domain portfolio management application
Dynette Dynette is a dyndns server Upstream Package Draft
DrakonHub Online editor for Drakon diagrams Upstream
eLabFTW Electronic lab notebook Upstream Upstream
ERPnext Upstream
EteSync Upstream
Excalibur A web interface to extract tabular data from PDFs (based on Camelot) Upstream
Facette Package Draft
Federated wiki Farm for fedwiki sites Upstream
Ferdi server Messaging aggregation Upstream
FIDI Import data from banks to Firefly
Filestash Upstream
FilePizza Upstream
fishnet Distributed Stockfish analysis for Upstream
FitTrackee Upstream
Flask Skeleton for flask apps Package Draft
foodsoft Manage a non-profit food cooperative Package Draft
full-text-rss Upstream
Framaestro Online service aggregator Upstream Package Draft
Framaestro_hub Online service aggregator hub Upstream Package Draft
freeboard A real-time dashboard builder for IOT Package Draft
freepbx VOIP Package Draft
Freescout Helpdesk & Shared Mailbox Upstream
ftssolr Full-text search via IMAP through a Solr indexing server Package Draft
Gancio Upstream
gateone HTML5-powered terminal emulator and SSH client Package Draft
Gatsby Build blazing fast, modern apps and websites with React Upstream
Geneweb Upstream
GetSimple CMS Upstream
gitolite Git server Package Draft
gitrepositories Package Draft
gitweb Git forge (c.f. Gitolite) Package Draft
glitch-soc A libre and federated social network Package Draft
glpi Create a beautiful blog or website easily Package Draft
gnusocial Create a federated comunication node Package Draft
Goaccess Web log analyzer Upstream
gogs_webhost Turn a Gogs repository to static web hosting Package Draft
Gollum A simple Git-powered wiki Upstream Package Draft
Goploader Upstream
Granary Upstream
Graphhopper Upstream
Greenlight A really simple end-user interface for your BigBlueButton server Upstream
Habitica Upstream
headphones Automatic music downloader Package Draft
Helpy Upstream
Hexo Upstream
Hometown Upstream
htpc-manager Manage your HTPC from anywhere Package Draft
huginn Build agents that monitor and act on your behalf Package Draft
Icecast 2 Upstream
internetarchive Offline version of the Internet Archive Upstream Package Draft
Inventaire a libre collaborative resource mapper powered by open-knowledge, starting with books! 📚 Upstream
InvoicePlane Upstream
IPFS Upstream
Isso Comment server Upstream
jappix_mini Jappix Mini XMPP chat website integration Package Draft
Jitsi Video conferencing web application Package Draft
joomla A content management system Package Draft
Joplin Upstream
Joplin-web Upstream
JS Bin Upstream
Karaoke-forever Organize karaoke parties Upstream
Kill the newsletter Convert email newsletters to RSS feeds Upstream
Kiwix Offline Wikipedia or other sites Upstream
Known Upstream
Koel Upstream
Kontalk Upstream
Koozip Upstream
L'atelier Upstream
LBCAlerte Package Draft
lektor A static website generator Package Draft
LessPass Upstream
Lessy Upstream
LibreTranslate Translation API Upstream
Libreddit An alternative private front-end to Reddit Upstream
Lila Online chess game server Upstream
Lingva Translate Alternative front-end for Google Translate Upstream
linuxdash Low-overhead monitoring web dashboard Upstream Package Draft
LiquidSoap Audio and video streaming language Upstream
listmonk Self-hosted newsletter & mailing list manager Upstream
LocomotiveCMS Upstream
Logitech Media Server (formerly SlimServer, SqueezeCenter and Squeezebox Server) is a streaming audio server Debian package Source Package Draft
Loki Service node for the Loki Network Upstream
Loomio Upstream
MaidSafe Upstream
Mailpile Upstream
Mailtrain Upstream
mediadrop Video Platform Package Draft
Mealie Recipe manager and meal planner Upstream
Mediagoblin Video streaming platform Upstream
medusa Automatic TV shows downloader Package Draft
Megaglest realtime stategy game Upstream Upstream
Mirakel Upstream
modernpaste A modern, feature-rich Pastebin alternative Upstream Package Draft
Modoboa Upstream
MongoPassion Web-based project for management of MongoDB databases Upstream
mosquitto Package Draft
MotionEye Upstream
morss Get full text RSS feeds Upstream
mumble_admin_plugin Mumble-server web interface Package Draft
munin Resource monitoring tool Package Draft
Museek+ Upstream
mycryptochat Encrypted IM Package Draft
mx-puppet-discord A bridge between Matrix and Discord Upstream
Nautilus Turn your website into an ActivityPub profile Upstream
Netrunner Upstream
nexusoss Sonatype Nexus Repository manager OSS Package Draft
NocoDB Airtable alternative / turn any SQL db into a smart spreadsheet Upstream
ntopng Package Draft
Odoo An open source ERP and CRM Upstream Package Draft
ofbiz Apache-OFBiz ERP Package Draft
OhMyForm Upstream
Ombi Upstream
OpenBazaar Upstream
OpenCart Upstream
OpenEats Upstream
openHAB Smart home platform Upstream
openid-simplesamlphp OpenID provider based on SimpleSAMLphp Package Draft
openproject Upstream Package Draft
OpenSourceBilling Upstream
osjs Desktop you have access to through your web-browser Package Draft
osmw Cartography software Package Draft
OSRM Upstream
OX Open-Xchange Linux groupware solution Upstream
Padloc Simple, secure password and data management for individuals and teams Upstream
pagure A Git forge Package Draft
Paperless-ng Upstream
Paperwork Upstream
Passbolt Password manager Upstream
Pelias Upstream
Pelican Pelican Static Site Generator Package Draft
Penpot Design Freedom for Teams Upstream
personal-management-system Your web application for managing personal data. Upstream
Photoprism Upstream
phplicensewatcher A license manager Package Draft
PHPList Upstream
Phraseanet Upstream
pia A tool to help carrying out Privacy Impact Assessments Package Draft
PicApport Self-hosted private photo server
Pico Upstream
Pinry Open source tiling image board Upstream
Pol RSS generator website Upstream
Planka Free open source kanban board for workgroups. Upstream
Plausible Analytics Simple, Open Source, and privacy-friendly web analytics alternative to Google Analytics. Upstream
Playmaker Upstream
plonecms Create a modern website with a CMS written in Python Package Draft
Presentator A design collaboration platform
prestashop Create an e-commerce website Package Draft
proftpd Package Draft
Prosody Prosody is a server for Jabber/XMPP written in Lua. It aims to be easy to use and light on resources Upstream
ProtonMail’s WebClient Upstream
psitransfer Transfer files or images without problems Package Draft
pterodactyl Package Draft
pufferpanel Package Draft File sharing and synchronization Upstream
pydio File sharing platform Package Draft
Pydio Cells Upstream
pyload Upstream Package Draft
qBit MatUI A WebUI for qBittorrent Upstream
qBittorrent Upstream
racktables Upstream
Race for the galaxy Upstream
Redash Connect to any data source, easily visualize, dashboard and share your data. Upstream
redmine A flexible project management web application Package Draft
remoteStorage A remoteStorage server implementation written in PHP Upstream Package Draft
Request Tracker Upstream
Restya Upstream
Retroshare Upstream
Revolt Chat software similar to Discord Upstream
roadiz Create a modern website Package Draft
rs-short An URL shortener Upstream
RSS-proxy RSS-proxy allows you to do create an RSS or ATOM feed of almost any website, just by analyzing just the static HTML structure. Upstream
RSSHub open source, easy to use, and extensible RSS feed generator. It's capable of generating RSS feeds from pretty much everything Upstream
rspamdui A web UI for the Rspamd spam filtering system Package Draft
RustDesk TeamViewer alternative Upstream
rutorrent Torrent client Package Draft
rwtxt Minimalist CMS Upstream
sat An all-in-one tool to manage all your communications Package Draft
Schleuder A GPG-enabled mailing list manager
scm-manager Share and manage Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories Package Draft
Scuttlebutt Pub
SearXNG Fork of SearX, a privacy-respecting metasearch engine Upstream
seenthis Short-blogging destiné à la veille d’actualité Package Draft
Semantic MediaWiki lets you store and query data with­in the MediaWiki's pages Upstream
shadowsocks A SOCKS5 proxy to protect your Internet traffic Package Draft
ShareLatex Upstream
shinken A flexible and scalable monitoring framework Upstream Package Draft
shuri URL Shortener Upstream Package Draft
sickbeard Automatic TV show downloader Package Draft
sickrage Automatic TV shows downloader Package Draft
Signal Proxy Fight censorship and bypass traffic securely to the Signal service Upstream
simpad Simple markdown editor Upstream Package Draft
SimpleLogin Privacy-first e-mail forwarding and identity provider service Upstream
smokeping Upstream
SocialHome A federated personal profile Upstream
sonerezh Stream music from everywhere Package Draft
Spacedeck A real-time collaborative whiteboard Upstream
SparkleShare (Dazzle) SparkleShare host Upstream
sphinx Upstream Package Draft
squid3 A caching proxy Package Draft
Stackedit Upstream
Storj Upstream
Streisand Upstream
studs A survey tool, the ancestor of OpenSondage Package Draft
subsonic Subsonic is an open source, web-based media server Package Draft
Subspace A simple WireGuard VPN server GUI Upstream
Superalgos Free, open-source crypto trading bot, automated bitcoin / cryptocurrency trading software, algorithmic trading bots. Upstream
Sydent Identity-serverfor matrix Upstream
sympa Mailing List manager Package Draft
Synapse-Admin Management GUI for matrix-synapse Upstream
Syspass Upstream
Tahoe-LAFS Decentralized cloud storage system Upstream
Taiga Upstream
Tailscale Wireguard-based Mesh-VPN Upstream
Taskwarrior Upstream
Technitium DNS Upstream
teddit Alternative Reddit front-end focused on privacy Upstream Document manager Upstream
telegram_chatbot Telegram chatbot - mini chatbot for Telegram Package Draft
TellForm Upstream
tes3mp Package Draft
Theia-IDE VS Code-like cloud IDE Upstream
Thredded Upstream
Tinylist Upstream
TMate Upstream
torrelay Package Draft
Tracim Upstream
Traccar Modern GPS Tracking Platform Upstream
transpay Interface to receive and manage donations with Stripe Package Draft
transwhat A gateway to WhatsApp from Jabber Package Draft
Tryton A solid ERP system
turtl A secure collaboratite notebook Package Draft
tutao End-to-end encrypted e-mail client Upstream Package Draft
Twake All of the organizational tools you need to make your projects succeed brought together on one platform.
Twister Upstream Create RSS feeds from Twitter Upstream
ultrasonics Sync music playlists between all your music services: Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Plex, etc. Upstream
umap Cartography software Package Draft
unbound Package Draft
upmpdcli Upstream
Uwazi Upstream
Volumio Upstream
vpnserver Create/provide VPNs from your server Package Draft Upstream
WebODF Upstream
webogram Webogram - a new era of messaging Upstream Package Draft
WebThings Gateway Upstream
Whoogle A metasearch engine Upstream
wildfly Package Draft
Wisemapping An online mind mapping editor Upstream Package Draft
WildDuck Opinionated email server Upstream
WorkAdventure A web-based collaborative workspace for small to medium teams Upstream
xBrowserSync A self-hosted bookmark sync tool, with browser plugins and mobile clients available Upstream
Xibo A FLOSS digital signage solution Upstream
Xonotic Upstream
yacy Free and decentrelized search engine Package Draft
Yggdrasil Upstream
your_spotify Self hosted Spotify tracking dashboard Upstream
youtube-dl-webui Web interface for youtube-dl Package Draft
yunofav A page of favorite links Package Draft
yunohost YunoHost in YunoHost, crazy :D ! Package Draft
Zammad Upstream Zigbee-to-MQTT software-bridge supporting more than 1000 Zigbee devices Upstream
Zola Static site generator
zomburl An URL shortening service Package Draft
Zoneminder Upstream
Zulip Upstream
Zusam A truly private space for you and your friends Upstream Package Draft

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