Vagrant and YunoHost

If you need testing some code, you should using directly ynh-dev

Find other ways to install YunoHost here.

Prerequisite: an x86 computer with VirtualBox installed and enough RAM capacity to be able to run a small virtual machine.


Create a project folder

mkdir YunoHost
cd YunoHost

The following command will initialize the project with a Yunohost image based on Debian Jessie

vagrant box add yunohost/jessie-stable --provider virtualbox
vagrant init yunohost/jessie-stable
/!\ If you prefer use the beta version :

You need to activate the network for the YunoHost instance.

sed -i 's/# config\.vm\.network "private_network"/ "private_network"/' Vagrantfile```


## Run a vm

Start the virtual machine
vagrant up

Connect to the started virtual machine

vagrant ssh

Upgrade the system

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

You can access to your vm with the ip

The IP addresses related to the boxes are set by default but can be changed in the network settings.

*Once the installation is finished, you may want to proceed to post-installation: *