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Install Vaultwarden with YunoHost Integration level


Vaultwarden is a freemium libre password manager under AGPL license, allowing generation and storage of passwords in a secure way. These are protected by a single password called the "master password". It was created in 2016 by Kyle Spearrin, a software architect.

The software is available for most operating systems (GNU/Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and command-line), and as a web browser plug-in. It is also possible to view passwords from a website.¹


To configure the app, go to this address: sub.domain.tld/admin

Limitations with YunoHost

HTTP and LDAP authentication are not supported.

Customer applications

Application name [²] Platform Multi-account Source Play Store F-Droid Apple Store
Bitwarden GNU/Linux / macOS / Windows Oui - download
Bitwarden Android / iOS ? Playstore - Birwarden X App Store - Bitwarden

[²]: (of) : Official / (un) : Unofficial

Useful links


¹ - Bitwarden

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