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What is Transmission?

Transmission is a share software based on BitTorrent protocol.

How to download completed files?

If Transmission is installed on /torrent/, you could download your completed files to the following address:

Sending files towards server for seeding

In YunoHost, completed files are saved in: /home/yunohost.transmission/completed


With your file manager (under GNU/Linux) do CTRL + L then enter:


user = admin or root

With SCP (complex)

To transfer file, type in the following command:

scp (-r) /your/file/
How to download a complete folder?

Once connected to your server, using SSH, move to the download folder and ZIP it:

cd /home/yunohost.transmission/completed
zip -r [dossier]

More informations about file transfer using scp: (French, need English documentation)

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