In addition to the application's, here are some useful tips.

Automatic update of the site content

The application creates a new user with limited rights: it can connect (with a password) through SFTP to access the /var/www/my_webapp directory (or /var/www/my_webapp__<number> if there are several installations of this application).

This configuration requires updating the site content manually, with a password connection.

If you want to automate things, you need to be able to connect without typing a password (i.e. "non-interactive"). Here are the steps to follow to get there:

  • Enable public key connection, in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, on the server
  • Create a public/private key pair for your script on the "writing" computer - without a protective passphrase.
  • Copy the public key to the server, in /var/www/my_webapp(__#)/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • Set the user my_webapp(__#) as owner of the authorized_keys file and www/ directory
  • You can now connect without a password, with sftp -b, lftp or other SFTP clients.

NB: The port number to use for the SFTP connection is the one used for the SSH, and configured in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

This tip allows you to automatically update your site. For example, the makefile of the Pelican tool allows you to use make ftp_upload.

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