Firefox Sync

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Install Firefox Sync with YunoHost Integration level

Firefox Sync permits synchronize plugins, tabs, bookmarks, favorites, history over many Firefox instances.


Once installed, the domain.tld/path site should display a page explaining how to configure it. To use your personal Firefox sync server, you will need to configure your Firefox web browser.

Firefox desktop

  1. In Firefox URL bar put: about:config.
  2. Search for: identity.sync.tokenserver.uri.
  3. Replace the URL by: https://mydomain.tld/path/token/1.0/sync/1.5
  4. Create an account at Mozilla:

Firefox mobile

With the last version of firefox mobile it's same than for desktop.

Limitations with YunoHost

By default, a configured server will report authentication to the account server hosted by Mozilla at You will still need to authenticate to Mozilla, but your information will be stored on your host.

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