Migrating email from an email provider to a YunoHost instance

Documentation linked to YunoHost email.

Migration of his emails from a server to an other can be done with two recommended tools: ImapSync or Larch.

This tool must be installed on your desktop computer. The transfer method looks at this schema:

Old email server −> desktop computer with ImapSync or Larch −> new email server


ImapSync site

Install ImapSync on your client computer by following this guide:

sudo dnf install imapsync # Under Fedora

Transfer emails from a server to an other:

imapsync --host1 <domain/IP> --port1 993 --ssl1 --user1 <user> --password1 <password> \
--host2 <domain/IP> --port2 993 --ssl2 --user2 <user> --password2 <password>

Note that transfer settings --port 993 and --ssl are specific to YunoHost email server.


Larch site

After beforehand installed gem, install larch on your client computer:

sudo gem install larch

Transfer emails from a server to an other:

larch -a -f imaps://serveur_d'origine.org -t imaps://serveur_de_destination.org

For other type of tranfer refer you to Larch documentation.