In order to make self-hosting as accessible as possible, YunoHost offers a free and automatically configured domain name service. By using this service, you won't have to configure DNS records yourself, which can be tedious and technical.

The following (sub)domains are proposed: -; -; -

To use this service, you simply have to choose such a domain during the post-installation. It will then be automatically configured by YunoHost !

Retrieve a or domain

If you reinstall your server and want to use a domain already used previously, you must request a domain reset on the forum in the dedicated thread.


The and domain service does not allow the creation of subdomains.

Even if YunoHost allows the installation of applications on subdomains (for example, having the Owncloud application accessible from the address), this feature is not allowed with the and domains and it is not possible to have a subdomain such as my

To be able to enjoy applications that can only be installed at the root of a domain name, you must have your own domain name.

Adding a / / domain after the post-installation

If you already did the postinstall and want to add a domain, you should run the following command (this can only be done from command line currently).

N.B. : you can only have one domain per YunoHost installation.

# Add the domain
yunohost domain add

# Subscribe/register to the dyndns service
yunohost dyndns subscribe -d

# [ wait ~ 30 seconds ]

# Update the DNS conf
yunohost dyndns update