Local network access to your server

After completing your server installation, it is most likely that your domain will not be accessible through the local network. This is a know issue known as hairpinning.

To resolve this issue, you need to configure your router dns or, failing, your hosts files on your clients workstation

Get the server local IP adress

In order to configure DNS or hosts file, you must know the private IP adress of your server. This adress is only working in the server local network and is not linked to your public IP adress.

You may retrieve your server private IP adress through different means: - Using the Yunohost connection screen on the server:

Configure DNS of Internet box or router

The goal here is to create a network wide redirection handled by your router. The idea is to create a DNS redirection to your server's IP. You should access your router's configuration and look for DNS configuration, then add a redirection to your server's IP (e.g. redirect "yunohost.local" to


If you haven't found your server private IP, you may find it using the SFR box admin panel:
Go to Network tab > General

Configure SFR box's DNS

Go to Network tab > DNS and add your domain name to the box's DNS.

Configure hosts file on client workstation

Modifying hosts file should be done only if you cannot alter your box's DNS or router, because hosts file will only impact the workstation where the file was modified.

Add a line at the end of the file containing your server private IP followed by a space and your domain name    domain.tld