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Multi-instance is application capacity to be installed several times.


When YunoHost installs the application, it passes $YNH_APP_INSTANCE_NAME var to the script, set to value id__n with the application id coming from the manifest and n being an integer incremented each time a new instance of the application is installed.

E.g. in the Roundcube script, database is called roundcube, the install directory roundcube and the NGINX configuration roundcube. This way, the second instance of Roundcube will not conflict with the first one, and will be installed in the roundcube__2 database, in the roundcube__2directory, and with the roundcube__2 NGINX configuration.

Retrieve app identifier (including the multi-instance id):



Set multi_instance variable to true in the manifest:

 "multi_instance": true,

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