Flashing an SD card

Now that you download the YunoHost image, you have to copy its content to an SD card. This step is also sometimes called 'flashing' the SD card.

In the context of self-hosting, it is recommended that your SD card be at least 8 GB (to have a reasonable space available for the system and a few data) and at least Class 10 (to ensure reasonable performances).

With Etcher

Download Etcher for your operating system and install it.

Plug your SD card, select your YunoHost image and click "Flash"

With dd

If you are on Linux / Mac and know your way around command line, you may also flash your SD card with dd. You can identify which device corresponds to your SD card with fdisk -l or lsblk. Assuming your SD card is /dev/mmcblk0 (be careful !!), you may run :

dd if=/path/to/yunohost.img of=/dev/mmcblk0

Expand the root partition (optional)

This step is optional as it should be performed automatically during the first boot on recent images.

By default, the root partition of your SD card is very small.
You can resize it by using software like resize2fs (command-line) or gparted (graphical).

Preview of the Gparted window