Chat rooms

Amoung other communication tools, YunoHost project use chat rooms to communicate.

You could join those chat rooms using : - an IRC Client for example kiwiirc - an XMPP client - a Matrix client

Help and support chatroom

There is a support chatroom for YunoHost users mutual support and help.

Development chatroom

YunoHost core development chat room : - IRC: #yunohost-dev on ; - Matrix: ; - XMPP:

Currently, the main chat room for contributions on YunoHost project. For help, please see #yunohost chat room above.

Applications chatroom

Application packaging development chat room. It allow packagers to help each other. It also allow to discuss packaging evolution, continuous integration tools : - IRC: #yunohost-apps on - Matrix: - XMPP:

Documentation chatroom

Yunohost project documentation chat room. It allow people to discuss, synchronize and maintain an up-to-date documentation on the differents aspects of the project (backend, frontend, apps, project, community...). You may also share here your public communications about Yunohost (videos, presentations, etc.), to allow proper referencing. - IRC: #yunohost-doc on - Matrix: - XMPP: