Graphical installation

Now that your YunoHost install medium, you can start with the installation.

1. Plug the network cable

If you want the network configuration to be set up automatically, you have to plug your server with an Ethernet cable right behind your main router.

The wireless connections are not supported yet, and if you use intermediate routers, the network ports opening will not be automatic: Your server will not be accessible externally.

2. Boot on CD / USB key

Boot up your server with the USB key or a CD-ROM inserted, and select it as bootable device by pressing one of the following keys (hardware specific):
<ESC>, <F8>, <F10>, <F11>, <F12> or <SUPPR>

3. Launch graphical installation

You should see a screen like this:

If it fails, you probably have an Internet connection issue. Check that your computer is physically connected and retry.

4. Log in

After the reboot, you should see a black screen with a few words asking you to log in. You can log with the following credentials :

5. Proceed to post-installation

Post-install documentation