Upgrade your applications

Once you installed applications, you may need to updgrade them, sooner or later.

** Caution: ** please be advised to backup your databases (using phpmyadmin application for example) and files before any upgrade.

Upgrade using the admin panel

Go to Tools > Update system

Once the applications packages list is retrieved, you will be able to update official applications that have a pending upgrade.

Upgrade using command line

First, connect to your server through SSH and type in the following command (WordPress update):

yunohost app upgrade wordpress

** Note: ** in case you have multiple instances of the same type (ex: 2 wordpress) installed, you will need to specify the instance name (ex: wordpress ou wordpress__2).

Upgrade an unofficial application

Spcify the git repository containing the upgrade.

For intance, to upgrade LimeSurvey:

yunohost app upgrade limesurvey -u https://github.com/zamentur/limesurvey_ynh

** Note: ** be cautious when installing unofficial applications and upgrades. Be sure that theses updates are stables and are not a step in the development process. There may be a good reason if an application is not listed in the official repository.

** Caution: ** be sure to check the content of any update; installing or upgrading an unofficial application allows it to run scripts with the highest privileges.