Administrator web interface

Yunohost has an administrator web interface. The other way to administrate your Yunohost install is through the command line.


You can access your administrator web interface at this address: (replace '' with your own domain name)

Reset admin password

To reset the admin password (as root) :

$ yunohost-reset-ldap-password

A temporary password will be created, which you can use to define the new password.

How to move application folder

To change an application folder, only a few commands are needed: move content, create a symlink and set access rights.

Sample with WordPress:

# Move wordpress folder to an external hard drive
$ sudo  mv /var/www/wordpress /media/externalharddrive 
# Symbolic link
$ sudo   ln -s /media/externalharddrive/wordpress /var/www/wordpress
# Folder must belong to www-data
$ sudo  chown -R www-data:www-data /media/externalharddrive/wordpress